Trying to figure out how much you topsoil you need? We can help! 


Types of topsoil's

  • Garden Grow THE ULTIMATE SOIL!

             - Mixture of soil, sterilized mushroom compost, peat and loam

  • Lawn Soil

             - Screened topsoil & compost mix. Great for new lawns

  • Sandy Loam

             - Reddish brown in colour, screened & used under sod or as

             an amendment to loosen heavy clay soils

  • Black Ultra Mix

            - Black and very fine peat texture. Used for top dressing flower beds or

                an amendment to existing beds

  • Compost

            - Organic sterilized mushroom compost

  • Manure

            - Composted cattle and sheep manure

  • Contractors Blend - call for details